Blending Technology & Effective Classroom Instruction


Blended Learning Model

  • Extensive library of interactive instructional courseware
  • Self-paced, mastery-based instruction
  • Individually crafted instructional plans
  • Character education, the arts, languages and physical education
  • Effectively tailored instructional practices
  • Meaningful student-teacher-parent relationships
  • Student internships with local businesses

Maui Christian Academy will be using the Carpe Diem Learning Systems LLC model. Carpe Diem is a charter school management company that leverages technology, information, and human resources to ensure a superior learning experience at its schools, assuring all  students will be career ready and college prepared.

The Carpe Diem Learning Systems’ (CDLS) blended learning model (digital curriculum plus high quality instruction) has produced record academic achievement, consistent student success, and a productive work environment for both students and teachers. The Carpe Diem learning model takes the best of face-to-face instruction, digital technology and extended learning opportunities to boost student achievement.