Maui Christian Academy believes students should learn to dress for success. In preparing our students for life they will always have a dress code. Our desire is to teach students principles of appropriate dress and hairstyles, within the prevailing rules of modesty, decency, safety, and health. Student dress must not distract the student or others from the educational process. The school administration will decide what is considered distracting.

Maui Christian Academy believes students should not stand out because of what they wear, but be outstanding in character and performance. Student uniforms will be worn at all times, and must be neat and clean while attending classes and school functions. Untucked shirts must be acceptable in length, and pants pulled up to normal waist height.

Dress code:

  • Solid color polo shirts
  • Khaki or navy blue pants, shorts, or skirts
  • Sports shoes for PE and slippers for in the classroom
  • Loose sports shorts and T-shirts for PE
  • Blue or white socks
  • Clothes should not be tight fitting or overly large.
  • Shorts must be the longer walking short style, half way down the thigh or longer.
  • Skirts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.
  • No leggings, jeggings, yoga or other tight style pants.
  • Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff even with arms raised.
  • PE shirts may not have words or pictures that could be considered offensive or inappropriate in a Christian school setting.